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Luggage Works Adapter Clips


These clips can be used to attach to our PLC Series Flight Bags (Lite, Sport and Pro) to a Luggage Works bag.

Airtight Fuel Tester Container


A polycarbonate airtight container for clean, odor free storage of a fuel tester. Can also be used to store and protect a variety of other items while you travel.

iPad Slip case or Headset Bag


Use as an iPad Protective Sleeve or Headset Bag. Fits perfectly into the headset compartment of all PLC Series Flight Bags.

Backpack Strap


Better weight distribution than carrying it by the handle. Padding and grip prevent straps from sliding off of shoulders. Rotating hook heads ensure you never get tangled straps again. Fully adjustable.

MGF Clipboard


The MYGOFLIGHT Clipboard provides Pilots with a smooth surface to write on, with quick reference IFR and other helpful information for in-flight.

Tilt Pad


The Tilt Pad can be used with any of our Kneeboard Folios™ and iPad Sport™ cases.

Kneeboard Strap


Made to go with our kneeboards for additional security while in-flight.

Night Vision Clip


The Night Vision Clip attaches directly to your MGF Clipboard. Now you can use your iPad and take notes while flying at night.

Pen Holder


Add this self-stick pen holder to your MGF clipboard or any other clipboard to provide a convenient and secure place to store your pen.

Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


MGF proudly presents a cross platform Foldable Ultra-Slim Keyboard. Users can enjoy creating and communicating wirelessly across multiple platforms on Bluetooth supported devices. Take anywhere without the hassle of tangled wires. Lightweight and compact it fits easily into your pocket or flight bag.